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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Inside Italy’s Shadow Economy

By ELIZABETH PATON and MILENA LAZAZZERA from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2pphwRy

Review: In ‘The Revolving Cycles,’ What Happened to Terrell?

By JESSE GREEN from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2MPXAR0

Ryan Coogler and LeBron James Bringing Back ‘Space Jam’

By SOPAN DEB from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2xygfuW

Listen: Giancarlo Esposito Reads ‘Making a Judgment on Love’

By Unknown Author from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2OGoYTr

You May Be Surprised to Hear That Restoration Hardware Is Doing Great

By PENELOPE GREEN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2xnt38k

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Alberta Ferretti: Spring 2019

By Unknown Author from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2NSVIf0

A Wedding Ring With a Dirty Little Secret

By ALYSON KRUEGER from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2PLYxvx

A Dance World Mystery Spurs a Contest for Choreographers

By ROSLYN SULCAS from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2xwyEbJ

The Big Secret of Celebrity Wealth (Is That No One Knows Anything)

By MALCOLM HARRIS from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2MO5rhO

4 New Stores to Shop in New York

By HAYLEY PHELAN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2xpkAS9

Tell Us Your Love Story. Just Keep It Really Short.

By DANIEL JONES and MIYA LEE from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2xwwN6B

Review: It’s Called ‘Life Itself,’ and Yet Everyone’s Dead

By A.O. SCOTT from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2xB8eVY

Jil Sander M/W: Spring 2019

By Unknown Author from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2NpDulB

In ‘Colette,’ Keira Knightley Trades Her Corsets for a Daring Suit

By KYLE BUCHANAN from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2xlTYkY

Arthur Arbesser: Spring 2019

By Unknown Author from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2pmfykH

Paul Scheer: The First Time I Got In a Bar Fight

By PAUL SCHEER from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2xqTF8l

In MaxMara’s Archive, Decades of Italian Fashion History

By KERRY OLSEN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2NVvGHV

Two Venice Hotels, Two Sides of a Celebrated City

By SUZANNE MacNEILLE from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2PKkNG7

At Round Two, There’s Always a Buyer

By JON CARAMANICA from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2PKk5IX

A Few Nights in Venice

By Unknown Author from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2Dc9JQz

For Roy Wood Jr., Alabama Is Painful History, New Hope and Home

By Unknown Author from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2NmBN8P

Seven Affordable Seaside Getaways for This Fall

By SHIVANI VORA from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2NSDE4x

Los Angeles Will Ban the Sale of Fur

By JONAH ENGEL BROMWICH from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2D7lh7C

Let It Flow! #PantsuitNation is Now Caftan Country

By AMY CHOZICK from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2OBVhCM

Lizzo Doesn’t Care What You Think About Her Body

By SANDRA E. GARCIA and AMY LOMBARD from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2D9KoH3

For Capitalism, Every Social Leap Forward Is a Marketing Opportunity

By GUY TREBAY from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2PL3dSh

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

An Experimental Troupe Can Unpack Its Bags

By JOSE SOLÍS from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2xvOy66

New Trailer: ‘Captain Marvel,’ With Brie Larson

By BRUCE FRETTS from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2MJ0Eyf

Review: ‘Garry Winogrand’ Pictures an Artist and His World

By A.O. SCOTT from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2QDYzH9

Richard Quinn: Spring 2019

By Unknown Author from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2xkkhI2

I’m a Proud Atheist. Why Shouldn’t I Tell My Religious In-Laws?

By CHERYL STRAYED and STEVE ALMOND from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2pfNOhw

The Meghan Markle Non-Effect

By VANESSA FRIEDMAN from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2MHJeSB

In a Fading Motel, Evacuees Find Refuge

By JACK HEALY from NYT Multimedia/Photos https://ift.tt/2OzcdK0

Younger Leaders Are Taking Over Swiss Watchmaking

By NAZANIN LANKARANI from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2MJL59o

Richemont Creates a Watch Company With Millennials in Mind

By PAUL McLAUCHLAN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2peIsmG

Made in China. And Proud of It

By ROBIN SWITHINBANK from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2QBPGOe

Order Turns to Disorder — but Still Keeps Time

By RACHEL GARRAHAN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2QEuzuH

Leica to Add Luxury Watches

By RACHEL FELDER from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2D8HZMO

The 52 Places Traveler: In Lucerne, Kindness Trumps the (Stunning) Views

By JADA YUAN from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2xpQVr2

The Other Side of Istanbul

By LUCAS PETERSON from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2QEtYcr

New Factory Signals Growth for IWC Schaffhausen

By VICTORIA GOMELSKY from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2xsuFNk

Missing on the Emmys Red Carpet: Men Who Dress for a Show

By GUY TREBAY from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2NPBMtb

Jenifer Lewis Supports Colin Kaepernick by Wearing Nike on Emmys Red Carpet

By THE NEW YORK TIMES from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2NlYFVC

Review: A One-Man Funeral With Many Lives in ‘I Hear You and Rejoice’

By BEN BRANTLEY from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2QDTVIX

Emmys Red Carpet 2018

By Unknown Author from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2NlhxEu

2018 Emmys Red Carpet: All the Pictures

By THE NEW YORK TIMES from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2pgZQYi

Burberry’s 50 Shades of the British Bourgeoisie

By VANESSA FRIEDMAN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2xukNT2

Burberry M/W: Spring 2019

By Unknown Author from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2MHXGtJ

Review: Cults, Demons and Nicolas Cage in ‘Mandy’

By GLENN KENNY from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2PHZCV6

Mark Zuckerberg Not the Only Tech C.E.O. to Blow Shofar

By RACHEL LEVIN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2Oywkbg

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