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Friday, 31 August 2018

Review: Death, Betrayal and Greed in a Gripping ‘Henry VI’

By LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2PnJXKw

Guy Pearce Knows How to Riff

By ALEXIS SOLOSKI from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2PVFsrQ

How to Manage in ‘Support the Girls’

By MEKADO MURPHY from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2PRZZ0c

‘Support the Girls’ | Anatomy of a Scene

By MEKADO MURPHY from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2Nzh25M

Son, Given Up for Adoption, Leads Birth Parents to Altar 36 Years Later

By NATALIE SHUTLER from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2wy0qUA

Why the Artist Mari Andrew Loves Solo Travel

By KELLY DINARDO from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2oqwW7D

How to Protect Your Cellphone (and Your Data) When You Travel

By SHIVANI VORA from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2NzSDwS

At These New European Hotels, a Night’s Stay Supports Worthy Causes

By TANYA MOHN from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2NzFiEV

He Knows His Way Around a Half-Butt (That’s Snooker Talk)

By ROSLYN SULCAS from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2PTYkai

Honey, I Swept the Floor!

By BROOKE WILLIAMS from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2Pk01gs

The Y.A. Surge at Netflix Is On, With Two Good Comedies

By GLENN KENNY from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2LGlpdy

Summer Movie Scorecard: Some Crazy Rich Hits and Shocking Misses

By KYLE BUCHANAN from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2N5wBVN

4 Film Series to Catch in N.Y.C. This Weekend

By BEN KENIGSBERG from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2C2bb7t

8 Plays and Musicals to Go to in N.Y.C. This Weekend

By ALEXIS SOLOSKI from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2PRJLUH

Gérard Depardieu Under Investigation After Rape Accusation

By ADAM NOSSITER from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2NBuohI

Soulpepper Looks to Britain for New Executive Director

By MICHAEL PAULSON from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2onUBFC

Who Is Rain Dove?

By JONAH ENGEL BROMWICH from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2MGlcfu

Thursday, 30 August 2018

New Trailer: ‘The Front Runner,’ With Hugh Jackman

By BRUCE FRETTS from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2LFC0Ok

Review: This ‘Destination Wedding’ Does No One Any Favors

By JEANNETTE CATSOULIS from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2wzBOe7

Let’s Talk About What Happened at the Wedding

By PHILIP GALANES from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2wwJv4N

How Burning Man Has Evolved Over Three Decades

By LAURA M. HOLSON from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2PTiLEH

Review: In ‘Let the Corpses Tan,’ Bullets Fly. People Die. But a Story? No.

By MANOHLA DARGIS from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2Nxz1tl

Prince Harry Joins ‘Hamilton’ Cast Onstage, and Breaks Into Song

By ALEX MARSHALL from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2C1vtyd

Review: Teenagers Tackle Environmental Enemies in ‘Inventing Tomorrow’

By GLENN KENNY from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2Phs93O

Review: In ‘Reprisal,’ With Bruce Willis as Your Neighbor, You Too Can Fight Crime

By BEN KENIGSBERG from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2NDinIw

Review: In ‘Prototype,’ Multiple Screens Tell an Apocalyptic Story

By GLENN KENNY from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2PjhOUN

Review: In ‘Pick of the Litter,’ Good Dogs Compete to Be the Best

By BEN KENIGSBERG from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2MVVROj

Review: In ‘Kin,’ a Futuristic Weapon and Family Troubles

By GLENN KENNY from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2POk5IF

Review: ‘Active Measures’ Looks at Links Between Trump and Russia

By KEN JAWOROWSKI from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2LEdRYK

Review: University Spoils a Cinephile in ‘A Paris Education’

By TEO BUGBEE from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2wAAyay

Lawsuit Accuses the Italian Fashion House Etro of Discrimination


The First Time I Got High

By SAMI MAIN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2PhbmOk

36 Hours in the Dolomites

By INGRID K. WILLIAMS from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2wqVRvW

How to Get the Most Out of a Theme Park Trip

By SHIVANI VORA from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2wrOdBL

Review: In ‘The Little Stranger,’ a Haunted House and a Fading Way of Life

By A.O. SCOTT from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2oklev7

Scared to Be a Parent?

By HANNAH SELIGSON from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2MBhFiG

Tap That: 5 Items That Are Sure to Go Viral

By HAYLEY PHELAN from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2LFb6q1

Listen: Cynthia Nixon, Danielle Brooks and Uma Thurman Read From Modern Love

By Unknown Author from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2MYDdFo

S’mores and Wedding Cake Around the Campfire

By STEPHANIE CAIN from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2C0SK3k

Ruth Wilson Is a Riddle, and You Like Her That Way

By RUTH LA FERLA from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2BYbMqR

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Review: In ‘1969: The Second Man’ Buzz Aldrin Is an Unhappy Runner-Up

By LAURA COLLINS-HUGHES from NYT Theater https://ift.tt/2LEqS4n

From F.B.I. to Fashion Design

By ALEX WILLIAMS from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2ol83tO

New Trailer: Ryan Gosling in ‘First Man’

By BRUCE FRETTS from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2ohE6uO

New Trailer: Orson Welles’s ‘The Other Side of the Wind’

By BRUCE FRETTS from NYT Movies https://ift.tt/2BXPYvv

Can Critics Learn to Love the Jukebox Musical?


Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Suit is Back

By VANESSA FRIEDMAN from NYT Fashion & Style https://ift.tt/2MXGbKh

Travel Tips From Six U.S. Open Tennis Stars

By SHIVANI VORA from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2MYORzT

You Know What London Looks Like. But Have You Really Heard It?

By DESSA from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2wnkdHd

Five Places to Shop in Portland, Me.

By SHIVANI VORA from NYT Travel https://ift.tt/2NtL9eV

Putting Their Eggs, and Hopes, on Ice

By RUTH LA FERLA from NYT Style https://ift.tt/2omPPrL

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